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Spring Scavenger Hunt


Snowdrops, one of the earliest spring bulbs.


It won’t be long before we will start to see new things popping up in the garden every day, and we will start to reap the rewards of those cold hours in the garden planting bulbs. As well as just being a lovely time to enjoy new life, this is also a great time to analyze the early spring garden, and think about what we might like to have there next year, because, let’s face it; by the time bulb planting time comes around again, we will have forgotten where everything is.

This time of year, the “homework” is simple. Look around. If the snowdrops make you happy, make yourself a note to increase their numbers, or plant some more somewhere else. If there is a place by the door that is bare, make a note of it, so that next spring you can have some color there to welcome you home. Set a reminder on your phone for Late July, when the bulb catalogues tend to come out, and sometime have sales. Then set another reminder for October, when you can buy them at your local garden center, just in time for planting. It’s a simple thing to do, and it pays off just when you want it most.


3 thoughts on “Spring Scavenger Hunt”

  1. I am not sure I want to see another snowdrop again. It seems that everyone was writing about them. I did happen to learn that there are a few here, which I suppose I am compelled to care for so I have something to brag about next year . . . and they were sort of a nice surprise. I would really like for the grape hyacinth to proliferate. It has been getting ignored, but is now in a spot where it will be appreciated and taken care of.

  2. That’s funny- they are such a lifeline here. The first snowdrop signals the triumph of spring over winter; assuming you can find them, as they tend to blend in with the residual blobs of snow! I love grape hyacinths, too.

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