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I have to admit that for a long time I was not a fan of Daylilies. I think that was because, until I started to get really serious about plants, “Daylily” to me meant those orange tiger lilies that you see growing everywhere from peoples gardens to roadsides. Not that a huge drift of tiger lilies isn’t a spectacular thing; but they just didn’t do it for me.

Fast forward a couple of decades, (or maybe three) and they are now one of my favorite flowers in the garden. First of all, there are just so many to choose from! They come in just about every color but blue. Some are scented. Some are long blooming, some are short, and some are tall. Some are single, some double, and some even like a little shade. All have great, green, strappy foliage that contrasts well with just about everything you put them with.

Check them out at your local garden center. Some of my favorites are the “Returns” series, because they bloom almost all season long. There is ‘Happy Returns’, a mid sized yellow one, “Rosy Returns’, a pink version, and ‘Fragrant Returns’, a buttery yellow one than, you guessed it, is perfumed!

Try them out! Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, Peach, Purple, and White is the new orange!






2 thoughts on “Daylilies”

  1. I love day lilies but have so many that I’d never be able to even attempt to count them. But, I can’t get rid of any so I plant them on the edge of the property going into the wetlands so I even see them bloom out there. 🙂

  2. This is one flower that I like in some situations but not at others. I find that I dislike them when overused in large drifts. (They are not so uniform for us.) Because they are so undemanding, they often get ignored and full of their own debris. If maintained by maintenance gardeners, they really get ignored. A few plants or clumps tend to look better and show of the flowers better. They happen to look great in yellow and orange, two colors that I am not to good with.

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